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When IT isn't quite enough

Triathlon equates to the biggest of work and technology challenge. Facing the problems that only a few take on, fixing multiple issues, at once, with one goal... the finish line.

There are a many of us out here, from sprint first timers to Ironman veterans. We are not alone. The IT world likes to Tri!

As part of your IT Games Club welcome pack, you will receive high-grade goodies from the leading triathlon brands out there. You can also race at several list-leading triathlons around the world, and local to you. If we do not show a race you're close to, please let us know, and we'll do our best to get you on, with a free VIP package.

Get Some Great Rewards For Joining

When you are accepted into IT Games Club you will be eligible to receive a joining pack to welcome you to the club. We always aim to give you useful pieces of sports equipment and sports wear that you will want to use.

As well as your joining pack you'll be able to sign-up for events and golf courses where you'll play free of charge. We actively encourage our members to give feedback and suggestions on the events on offer and the ones you'd like us to add, simply put it on your wishlist when you sign up.

Wildflower Triathlon, CA

IT Games Club guests can enjoy sign up for the Ultimate Wildflower Challenge to take on the 70.3 or Olympic races. Known for its fun, festival atmosphere.

Toughman 70.3, Utah

IT Games Club guests can enjoy the 1.2-mile swim in calm waters of a sheltered harbour, Utah Lake State Park. Then both the bike ride and half-marathon run are hill-free. For a fast PB!

Cotswold 113, UK

IT Games Club Guests can enjoy this rapid 70.3 or full. Set in the Heart of the Picturesque Cotswolds, a beautiful area with the clearest swim in the UK. Great for families also.

Triathlon Motivation

You'll never be disappointed at the end of a 'brick' training session, even if you only manage one mile after a bike leg, that's a great start. Triathlon is an amazing community sport, it doesn't matter if you're winning, or finishing, I'd highly recommend joining your local club. You will find people at your level, always have something in common, and a problem shared is a problem halved. In September 2016, I completed a sprint triathlon in a time of 1:15:25 (13:45 swim, 39:20 bike and 22:20 bike), the aim is to complete the same race in September 2018, in under 1:10. Watch this space, and the daily expletives of my journey.

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