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For the runners

From pro-athlete to beginner... Complex problems are often solved when out running, not only are we getting fitter, we're fixing the world at the same time. IT is the second largest group of professionals within the running community.

Running is transformation. Resilience, recovery, modernization, developing... these are all things that IT people and running have in common. Running and IT keeps the world going.

As part of your IT Games Club welcome pack, you will receive high-grade goodies from the leading running brands out there. You can also run at several list-leading races around the world, and local to you. If we do not show a race you're close to, please let us know, and we'll do our best to get you in, with a free VIP package.

Get Some Great Rewards For Joining

When you are accepted into IT Games Club you will be eligible to receive a joining pack to welcome you to the club. we always aim to give you useful pieces of sports equipment and sports wear that you will want to use.

As well as your joining pack you'll be able to sign-up for events and golf courses where you'll play free of charge. We actively encourage our members to give feedback and suggestions on the events on offer and the ones you'd like us to add, simply put it on your wishlist when you sign up.

Florida Marathon

IT Games Club guests can enjoy Melbourne on Florida's Space Coast, the Publix Florida Marathon & 1/2 Marathon Weekend makes for a perfect warm winter running destination for all runners.

Philadelphia Marathon

IT Games Club guests run the streets of the Philadelphia Marathon, founded in 1954, is an annual marathon sporting event hosted by the city of Philadelphia, on the third Sunday of November each year.

Brighton Marathon

IT Games Club guests can experience running the two beautiful seafront courses, amazing crowd support and two of the best races on the UK running calendar. And a lovely place to stay!

Running Motivation

Just get out there. Put on your trainers, start the process. Before you know it you'll have finished and smashed goals along the way.

Running does not have to be tiresome, you can aim for PBs, or just keep the fat off. Running is a personal journey, that offers time to reflect, satisfaction, challenge and goals.

Change up your training, do short, fast, long, slow, fartlek, speed, strength, hill, intervals. If you're racing, peak at the right times, you will struggle to maintain it at the top all year. We're IT professionals, not athletes, so just take care of yourselves.

Do at least one thing every day, from squats to a long run, small changes can make a massive change over time!

At the beginning of 2017, I can run 5k in 20:30, a half marathon in 1:40:40. The aim, is to get these down to 18:30 and 1:29:59 by the end of 2017. Watch this space, and the daily expletives of my journey.

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