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IT Games Club is for IT professionals who want to be active, run, race, play golf or cycle. If you're senior in your corporate career, and would like to focus on outside passions, with a community to help you train, no matter your fitness level, then join IT Games Club.

As a member, you get free training gear offers, free race entries offers, free motivation and free prize draws for serious sports giveaways. IT Games Club is here to help you get away from your desk, get active and succeed in health and in your career. Work doesn't have to be computers only!

There's plenty to shout about with IT Games Club...


You will never be asked for any money, this is a sporting and health community club, here to help us achieve our activity goals, with the double shared interest of IT and Games. Simply Connect and try it out, or if you know someone who would benefit from IT Games Club, why not share it with them Apply Here


Each month we will be giving away sports gear to our community. Simply follow our LinkedIn or Facebook groups for your chance to get some cool gear.

We always aim to give you useful gear, which includes training wear, gadgets, equipment and nutrition. Apply Here


Snippets from the lives of IT Games Club founders, Mark Wrangham, Thomas Tudor, Louis, Vanessa, Ali and the team. Mark is at the beginning of his health journey, Thomas is towards the middle, Vanessa is our PT... It's hard but enjoyable for all of them. See how the average person can achieve sporting goals. Apply Here


With access to over 500 global races, rides and golf courses. As an IT Games Club member, you will have the opportunity to access VIP entries, sponsored challenges and team events throughout the year. Keep an eye out on our channels to see what's coming up. Apply Here


Tell us where and when you'd like to run, ride, race or play golf, each month we'll be picking out our favourites to fund. Apply Here

Philadelphia Marathon

IT Games Club guests run the streets of the Philadelphia Marathon, founded in 1954, is an annual marathon sporting event hosted by the city of Philadelphia, on the third Sunday of November each year.

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Toughman 70.3, Utah

IT Games Club guests can enjoy the 1.2-mile swim in calm waters of a sheltered harbour, Utah Lake State Park. Then both the bike ride and half-marathon run are hill-free. For a fast PB!

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TPC Sawgrass

IT Games Club guests can enjoy privileged golf access to the adjacent TPC Sawgrass, featuring two championship golf courses: The Stadium Course, Home of THE PLAYERS Championship, and Dye's Valley Course.

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Who Can Join?

It's simple, if you are an IT professional, working within corporate, a company of more than 100 employees, you can connect and join in. There are limited memberships available, so we'll let you know after application, which takes a few minutes.

How does IT Games Club Keep Running?

With the generosity and support of our great sponsors. Three companies have decided that the IT world needs more health and fitness. Sungard Availability Services, Dell EMC and VMware, without these three companies, we would not be able to operate. Thank You.

terms and conditions

We don't keep any of your details and there is no sign-up for IT Games Club, Just connect and then join our closed social groups to get the most out of the Club. Any insight provided is to help IT Games Club build a view of sport interest within IT professions. Any goods or event entries received are from IT Games Club are not associated to the company sponsors, or the event, or the golf course itself. IT Games Club is not responsible for your safety whilst participating at an event or golf course.


IT Games Club would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to email Thomas Tudor, one of the founders, part time runner, biker, triathlete and golfer.

Feel free to send race pictures, stories, moaning, glory, goals, race wish-lists or anything else you can think of!


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