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How does 'IT Games Club' work?

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It’s simple, just connect to a team member on LinkedIn. Each month you will be offered free advice and support along with health and fitness giveaways

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Our social channels and closed member groups are where you get all the best support, advice, motivations and free sports gear offers

Get free events, gear...

Each month we list free entry opportunities to events for our members. Simply register your interest and we’ll do the rest.

...Advice and motivation

Everyday we post articles and information from a growing team of trainers and those training to reach their goals. Need advice? Just ask away!


Connect to our team on LinkedIn and join our group - for all the latest motivation, advice, support and giveaways. Be the first to know and benefit from #HealthinIT.

Our Facebook Group is for active members to follow our sponsored challenges and get loads of free support and community advice - Supported all the way by IT Games Club.

Nothing speaks louder than images, our Instagram feed is full of motivational content and pictures that will help inspire you on your journey to #HealthinIT - @itgamesclub

Our YouTube Channel is where you will find our advice and motivation videos. This content is aimed at supporting you to develop your health and fitness routines and to keep you active.

If you’re serious about fitness and have invested in a fitness tracking watch then come join us on Strava. We can follow your progress and you can ask our team for advice. Search ‘IT Games Club’

Passle is the core of our website, it’s a motivation blog that we use to keep you up-to-date on all that’s happening across our media platforms, check in regularly at

what is the 'IT games club'?

IT Games Club's primary goal is to motivate, support and inspire health and fitness in the IT industry. With the active participation of both IT companies and employees, we can get the industry's collective butt up out of their comfy chairs and on the road to feeling great with improved mental wellbeing and enjoying work and life.

IT Games Club is for IT professionals that want to be active, run, race, play golf or cycle. If you're senior in your corporate career, and would like more time to focus on outside passions, with a community to help you train, no matter what fitness level you are, then IT Games Club is for you.

As a member, you get free training gear, free VIP race entries, free motivation and free prize draws for serious sports giveaways. IT Games Club is here to help you get away from your desk, get active and succeed in health and in your career. Work doesn't have to be computers only!

There's plenty to shout about with IT Games Club...

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